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The Dirty Dozen Of Hotel Renovation

With the kids gone, it was time to follow the footsteps of many other boomers and downsize to a condominium. What started as a mere paint job, however, morphed into a $150-per-square-foot renovation of the entire apartment comprising appliances, lighting, flooring, soft goods, mirrors, kitchen and plumbing fixtures. What we ended up having on our hands was a genuine case of ‘scope creep’ – something not uncommon in any property refurbishment. Hotel renovations are a necessary dread of our industry in order to keep apace with the constantly giving décor trends, star rating requirements and technological advancements. They are also stressful and frustrating. Having gone through dozens of this large-scale projects over the past four decades, I was able to navigate the treacherous waters of my own apartment’s scope creep by following a general guideline of these twelve tips. Define your objectives. Be as specific as possible, and make sure …

lmaadminThe Dirty Dozen Of Hotel Renovation
Raw Organic Bunch of Bananas Ready to Eat

2017 Is The Year Of Starchy Fruits

Last year – that is, what we will soon refer to as 2016 – was widely proclaimed as ‘The Year of the Pulse’, citing beans’ versatility as both an energy and protein source in addition to their potent health benefits. While many chefs are still searching for new and clever ways to infuse legumes into their menus, it is every hotelier’s duty as a benefactor for food innovation to be on the lookout for the best big thing. The common perception of ‘starchy fruits’ likely pertains to bananas and not much else. But with a bit of research, it should be readily apparent that there are several other contenders worth another glance. These include plantains, breadfruit, jackfruit, plums or even the many different types of squashes, pumpkins or gourds which technically fall into this category even though they are traditionally prepared in a manner similar to root vegetables. While you …

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Becoming a Gastronomic Destination

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to stay at the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona (MOB) where I remarked upon their exceptional service culture. Lucky enough to recently find myself in the Spanish metropolis, I returned to MOB where my mission was to assess their new approach to food and beverage. Having experienced their 36-seat, two-star Michelin restaurant, Moments, during my last visit, I was now ready for the signature 15-course tasting menu. Suitably priced well into the upper atmosphere, I waded through each Catalan-inspired dish with bliss, reverence, satiety and anticipation for what would come next. For those who have not yet had the privilege to consume a two-star Michelin meal, know that each course was magical with an extraordinary confluence of elements and senses. But does a property really need to strive for a two-star Michelin rating for its signature restaurant? Even with the exorbitant prices charged and staffing …

lmaadminBecoming a Gastronomic Destination

LMA Welcomes New President and Partner John Ozikizler

Larry Mogelonsky, Founder of LMA Communications Inc., is pleased to announce that John Ozikizler has joined the Company as President and Partner. “John’s accountabilities will be to oversee all clients while helping to grow the agency with new business,” Mogelonsky stated. “I couldn’t be happier with him joining our team.” John Ozikizler is an advertising industry veteran and brings a wealth of proven business expertise to LMA, having served as VP-General Manager of DAC Group, Managing Director of Publicis Modern and President of Maclaren Momentum. Mogelonsky will assume the role of Chairman providing strategic input and counsel to the agency’s clients. “I’m thrilled with the opportunity to work with Larry and the team at LMA,” Ozikizler adds. “We both believe this agency is primed for growth.” LMA Communications Inc. is Canada’s foremost hospitality and service sector communications agency reknowned for providing award winning and sales driving digital, public relations and …

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New Mini-site Launched for Optimé GameDay™

Today LMA launched a designated mini-site for Optimé focusing on their exclusive product: GameDay™. GameDay™ is a customized business simulation that uses competition as a catalyst to engage a sales team. Participants are immersed in a real-life, challenging selling and customer call environment based on your business reality. In creating a mini-site to promote this new tool, LMA developed a customized, integrated WordPress framework and content management system. The site features a video, contact form and interactive data that appears as you scroll down through the page. To view the site, visit

lmaadminNew Mini-site Launched for Optimé GameDay™

New Responsive Website Launched for Mama Ibado Charity

We are pleased to launch a new web presence for Mama Ibado Charity, who’s mission is to alleviate poverty in Kenya amongst the elderly by embarking on a comprehensive care and support program. The fully-responsive site runs off of a WordPress platform and features an add-on Moneris Solutions/WooCommerce plug-in for visitors to make donations directly from their mobile phone or desktop system. Looking ahead to Phase 2, we are planning to add a fundraising meter that will automatically update on the site as donations are made. Check out the site at

lmaadminNew Responsive Website Launched for Mama Ibado Charity

Live from New York: The Westminster Dog Show!

This past weekend was a lot of things for a great many people. But it was particularly special for those of us who happened to be in New York City. Not only was it Valentine’s Day – a very romantic time to be in NYC – but there were two very important events. Playing on the title, Sunday night marked the 40th Anniversary Special for Saturday Night Live. Best of all, though, was the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which takes place in mid-February every year at Madison Square Garden. And none other than LMA’s own Jerry Grymek was onsite for the whole event, once again reprising his role as the infamous Doggie Concierge. Acting at the behest of New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania – which is right across the street from MSG and the foremost hotel for the event – he worked tirelessly to help canine guests and their owners …

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A New Home for ODEV Consulting

ODEV Consulting LLC requested a new web site to help showcase their organizational effectiveness and talent management solutions.  We designed a user-friendly page that allows potential clients to learn more about ODEV Consulting’s services and how ODEV Consulting can help resolve organizational challenges.  Check it out at

lmaadminA New Home for ODEV Consulting
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Hotel Llama Now Available!

Arriving just in time for the holidays, we are proud to announce that Larry’s third book on hospitality is now available for purchase! Entitled Hotel Llama, this anthology text covers the latest topics and issues facing the hotel industry, giving managers the knowledge they need to thrive in these ever-changing times. After reading this book, hoteliers will have the right tools in their arsenal to strategically solve any modern business problem. Like Larry’s first two books – Are You an Ostrich or a Llama? and Llamas Rule – Hotel Llama is available for purchase on as well as Barnes & Noble. Alternatively, to access the online version of Hotel Llama, join the Llama Digital Educational Program, which consolidates all three books into one seamless web platform. Along with the hundreds of essays posted, skill-testing questions adjoin each article to ensure that hoteliers fully understand the concepts presented. To join, …

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Experiential Marketing for Hotels

The world of hotel marketing is changing. Internet sites, OTAs, social media and other new channels hold the limelight while print advertising, radio, rack brochures and other 20th century staples fall out of practices. In these ever-evolving times, however, it would be folly to abandon the old ways entirely. Instead, an integrated approach works best via a circular strategy called experiential marketing, comprised of three broad components: Onsite / On-Property Excellence Relationship Management Advertising and PR Like a virtuous circle or a golden triangle, each equal part feeds back into and reinvigorates the other two. In order to understand and apply the principles of experiential marketing, you must be able to grasp how each component acts on its own. Onsite / On-Property Excellence While the latter two require some elaboration, the first item on this list should not. We are hoteliers and our ability to drum up future business is …

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