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Healthy Foods as a Wellness Trend for Any Hotel

I remember my early post-college days working for a Fortune 50 firm where there was limited regard for one’s health. Meetings held in a haze of tobacco smoke; cholesterol and calories were mere words undeserving of their accounting ledger; and trans-fats weren’t even known let alone demonized. We’ve learned quite a lot in the past few decades when it comes to health and wellbeing. Science has illuminated a better way of living while society has in turn become more receptive to these findings. In other words, there is now a growing and mainstream demand for products and services that will increase one’s vitality. This is doubly true now that boomers are beyond their prime and are looking for every means possible to live to their fullest. As a member of this demographic, I too can attest that once you hit a certain sexagenarian age, money becomes far less important than …

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The Six Rules of Semi-Retirement Consulting Success

For financial or a variety of other reasons, many folks in our industry refuse to accept any form of clear-cut retirement. This typically results in the transition from an employee to a semi-retired entrepreneur. This can be a daunting task. Typically, the higher up you are in any organization, the further away you are from the basic tasks required just to manage your new ‘one person’ consulting operation. The myriad of functions previously completed by your support staff now occupy your time. For example, some former executive colleagues of mine did not even know how to set up their own email or how to manage their own websites. (If you’re reading this and think that I’m describing you, I apologize…but you should know!) Being a humble scribe has opened a channel for those in the industry considering a move into later life consulting to contact me regarding their ideas and …

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Churchillian Inspirations for Hotels

This short column is dedicated to one of the greatest statesmen that ever lived. Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) was best known as the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the Second World War. He served his country valiantly at a time when all hope was just about lost. My parents lived through this period; both served our nation, as did most others of the Greatest Generation. To them, Churchill was among the most influential individuals of their time, and even as he becomes an ever-distant part of our history, his words remain timeless. Specifically for hotels, our current situation can easily be seen as an economic war and a struggle for our industry’s survival. We battle daily for guests’ hearts and minds as they are increasingly distracted by fragmented media, new entrants like Airbnb and bargain basement shopping habits. We fight and bicker over such things as the best rate …

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Book Review: Llamas Rule – A New Tool for Hoteliers

What the Book Is About We live in a rapidly changing world. The spread of mobile and internet-based tools has altered how customers discover and purchase new products. If your business does not adapt to meet this latest consumer revolution, you will be left behind. Specifically for the hospitality industry, hoteliers and aspiring hoteliers must be able to comprehend how all aspects of hotel operations are impacted. The inspiration for “Llamas Rule” is to give hoteliers a new tool in their arsenal– one that takes into account all the recent changes to our system of commerce. This is not an introductory textbook on the hospitality industry, but rather a compilation of selected topics that highlight both modern success stories and potential pitfalls. This book will bolster your management skills by explaining many of the sales, marketing, branding, technological and psychological principles at work behind such contemporary facets of hotel operations …

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