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Enhancing Your Public Relations Success

As a card–carrying member of SATW (Society of American Travel Writers), I am literally bombarded with emails from those interested in garnering just an ounce of my attention to have me publish their materials. Keeping score this past week – nothing out of the ordinary – I received a total of 82 different press releases from hotel suppliers, properties, travel bureaus and destinations. How can any single release stand out? Thinking of all the hours that are spent by hotel managers and public relations agencies in preparing this material is mortifying, especially since 99% of these well-crafted pieces of literature will be trashed without the recipient ever getting beyond the headline. What a waste! Moving forward, as the general manager or director of communications, you must find a way to get a better return on your PR investments. When public relations works, it is a fantastic use of your financial …

lmaadminEnhancing Your Public Relations Success

The Three Axioms Of B2B And B2C Communications

For about five years ago, I’ve encouraged readers to examine their B2B and B2C communications from a Marshall McLuhan-esque standpoint – that is, how the medium impacts the message itself. To help organize my thoughts on the matter, I proposed a heirarchial flowchart outlining 13 different forms of modern communications based on the level of importance conveyed by each. My motivation for tackling this subject was the rise of email and mobile communications, both of which have had sweeping influences on how we behave and socialize. With each passing month, mobile becomes more significant as a channel, thus necessitating a reexamination of the communications hierarchy I first drew up half a decade ago. This updated ranking is based may not be exactly the same for everyone, although the broad strokes will ring true. What remains unchanged, though, is that the more intimate the interaction, the greater the influence. Any opportunity …

lmaadminThe Three Axioms Of B2B And B2C Communications

Churchillian Inspirations for Hotels

This short column is dedicated to one of the greatest statesmen that ever lived. Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) was best known as the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the Second World War. He served his country valiantly at a time when all hope was just about lost. My parents lived through this period; both served our nation, as did most others of the Greatest Generation. To them, Churchill was among the most influential individuals of their time, and even as he becomes an ever-distant part of our history, his words remain timeless. Specifically for hotels, our current situation can easily be seen as an economic war and a struggle for our industry’s survival. We battle daily for guests’ hearts and minds as they are increasingly distracted by fragmented media, new entrants like Airbnb and bargain basement shopping habits. We fight and bicker over such things as the best rate …

lmaadminChurchillian Inspirations for Hotels

Florida for Foodies

VISIT FLORIDA and LMA Communications inc., teamed up to arrange a medIa trip under the theme of 'Florida for Foodies' from 15 – 19 November, 2013. The areas visited were Fort Lauderdale (or now know as Fork Lauderdale), The Palm Beaches and Delray Beach each representing a focal Epicurean experience, with Floridian culinary creativity.  The media group were treated to: cooking demonstrations, tastings, behind the scene tours, interviews with award-winning chefs, seminars on local food production, plus visits to urban farms.  Each destination showcased authentic farm to table Floridian Food, plus key award-winning chefs/sommeliers. The press trip included five leading Canadian media being representatives from The National Post, Travel Industry Today, Style at Home, Canadian Gardening, XTRA, Canadian World Traveller, and Forever Young.  All returned appreciative of Florida's award-winning chefs and Epicurean delights.

Jerry GrymekFlorida for Foodies

Are You Ready for a Crisis?

I am sure we all watched the unfolding of the horrible drama at the Westlake Shopping Center in Kenya with complete horror. Imagine how the lives of innocent people spending a Saturday shopping were turned around in an instant. No one in their right mind condones such acts of terrorism. And, while the causes of this extremism can be argued incessantly, the simple fact is that terrible, unforeseen events happen. In an informal poll, I asked 25 senior managers (of North American properties) four questions to better understand their preparedness.  Why don’t you answer these questions for yourself: Does your property have a formal disaster plan? Have you and your executive team reviewed this plan within the past 12 months? Do you have a formal crisis communications plan – a specific program to deal with guests, owners, employees and media? Have you and your crisis communications team reviewed this communications …

Larry MogelonskyAre You Ready for a Crisis?

Drivers Welcome, Eh?

We are very proud of our team for the full-page advertisement they designed and had published in a national Canadian newspaper last week on behalf of our client VISIT Florida. As seen in the screen capture taken from The Globe and Mail on Thursday, April 4, 2013, the ad warmly addresses the repeal of a recent Florida bylaw which required all foreign citizens to carry international drivers permits in order to legally operate motor vehicles within the Sunshine State. Florida loves Canadians and the top banner, “Drivers Welcome, eh?” conveys this sentiment in a simple and clear manner. To learn more about the situation and the advertisement, you can also watch a video clip during the news segment on CP24 here.  

PRDrivers Welcome, Eh?

An indulgent afternoon at The Hazelton Hotel: Valmont Cosmetics and The Spa at The Hazelton

It was an exciting afternoon on Thursday, January 10th, as media gathered at The Hazelton Hotel for a savoury lunch and the launch of the new body-line by Valmont Cosmetics. LMA Communications arranged this media event in conjunction with Valmont, as representatives for The Hazelton Hotel. Valmont is an unique line of Swiss products, used exclusively by The Spa at The Hazelton. Top media from travel, spa, beauty and lifestyle media outlets gathered over lunch, as representatives from Valmont discussed their new products, available at The Spa at The Hazelton Hotel. Media from various publications such as Elle Canada, Travel Industry Today, Flare, Ensemble Travel and West of the City Magazine, as well as a number of top freelancers were in attendance. Guests were privy to an informative presentation by Valmont experts and had the opportunity to test out the new products, while they enjoyed a three-course meal from ONE …

PRAn indulgent afternoon at The Hazelton Hotel: Valmont Cosmetics and The Spa at The Hazelton

Expect the Unexpected in Philadelphia

It was a full house on Monday, November 12th, as top media from across Toronto gathered at The Hazelton Hotel to ‘Discover the Unexpected in Philadelphia,’ This was a profile  media event arranged by LMA Communications Inc. as the Canadian representatives of the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC). With special guests from GPTMC in attendance, the group dined on a delicious three-course breakfast provided by ONE Restaurant (recently named one of the 100 Best Hotel Restaurants in the World).  Meryl Levitz, GPTMC president & CEO who talked about the tourism highlights, and Gary Steuer, Chief Cultural Officer for the City of Philadelphia lead the media through the cultural and arts scene in Philadelphia. Media guests were sent home with a newfound interest and appreciation for the City of Philadelphia. They spoke about the city’s incredible fine arts scene, music and endless dining options, plus many other alluring aspects. Also …

PRExpect the Unexpected in Philadelphia


VISIT FLORIDA® and Partners hosted an interactive reception for online media and bloggers on 27th September in Toronto at the Canadian Agency for VISIT FLORIDA® from 6 – 9 p.m. Each Partner was assigned a ‘destination pod’ to showcase their area. The media were supplied with a Florida Passport, with each Partner’s social media contacts, allowing for interactive travel throughout the state via real time tweeting.  All Partners hashtags were provided to bloggers one week in advance of the event, so communication could commence instantly. Throughout the reception 11 ‘Twitter Contests’ took place with a prize selected electronically for correct answers on facts about Florida, as laid out in the Florida Passport. In total there were 54 media attendees. This was a combination of 29 bloggers from Toronto Travel Massive and 25 online media from various outlets in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Participating Partners were: Amelia Island and …


LMA Attends 45th Annual Florida Governor’s Conference on Tourism

LMA representatives attended the 45th Annual Florida Governor’s Conference in Orlando, Florida from September 5 – 7 at the outstanding venue – SeaWorld. The theme of the conference was ‘Be Brilliant’ intended to emphasize the world-class caliber of speakers, educational sessions, creativity, best practices and latest industry trends. This was an excellent opportunity to network with key tourism industry partners for VISIT FLORIDA as well as enjoy the multiple attractions that Orlando has to offer. Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld hosted several stunning events. The grand finale was an evening of magical entertainment onsite at SeaWorld.  The Conference’s ‘brilliant’ efforts were intended to inspire the collective tourism industry to market Florida to the world as the #1 tourism destination in the world.

PRLMA Attends 45th Annual Florida Governor’s Conference on Tourism