Is Your Hotel Advertising During Rio 2016?

With the television landscape becoming increasingly fragmented by cable, satellite, social media and internet streaming options, reaching many people at once via traditional, 20th century media placement methods comes with its fair dose of anxiety. One interesting effect of this channel nichification is that large-scale events and compressions are now all the more precious. Think nationwide and world-sweeping live broadcasts like FIFA, the Super Bowl, the Oscars and, as the title suggests, the Olympics. These annual, biannual or quadrennial events get a lot of attention and a lot of hype, and therefore present a lucrative short run marketing opportunity. As any economist will tell you, though, with a limited supply and demand on the upswing, the advertising price is bound to increase with each passing year. In fact, NBC owns the national coverage rights for the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics and has already sold over $1 billion in commercial …

lmaadminIs Your Hotel Advertising During Rio 2016?

Refocus on the Voice Channel

A long, long time ago in an article far, far away, I introduced the concept of the ‘Communications Hierarchy’ which inscribed certain degrees of emotional commitment to each form of contemporary communication, ranging from group emails and direct messages to conference calls and face-to-face meetings. What was made readily apparent was that the more intimate the form of communication, the better it was for securing business and building rapport. If it isn’t obvious from the title, you should know that I am a staunch proponent of talking to clients and customers over the phone. Yes, email and text messages are often significantly faster, but the written word (outside of novelistic expressions) will always fail to grasp the full inflection, subtle cues, mannerisms and hidden desires of the opposite party. Importantly, the 21st century has seen the proliferation of these digital forms of communication, therein making phone calls rarer by comparison. …

lmaadminRefocus on the Voice Channel
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Business Four Ways

There are many ways to assess and categorize the strengths and weaknesses of a hospitality business. Allow me to present a slightly different and holistic way of organizing how you approach the daunting task of where to allocate funds for the next cycle. For one, we tend to drill down to the minutia of a venture. I am confident that any GM knows the intimate details of the variable cost of each amenity, the labor costs at the front desk or even the number of yards of drapery fabric required per room for an upcoming renovation. After all, it’s our business to know such detailed metrics, and we pride ourselves in this depth of expertise. But a hotel is a complex piece of machinery – in fact, much more complex than we often appreciate. With so many different challenges at hand, I was looking for a way of categorizing these …

lmaadminBusiness Four Ways
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Getting Ready for the Winter Season

Merry early Christmas to all (and Happy Chanukah as well). Take the much-vaunted time of to reflect on your successes and failures in 2014 as well as what actions you will take in 2015. Rest, relax, and then return to work fully recharged and ready for another round. While most of you are already half out the door and in full-on holiday mode, lest you forget that after the Christmas-New Year’s period, the shopping spree attitude subsides in favor of a ‘back to work’ mentality and alas we are left with the traditional low volume months of January, February and the weeks in March prior to Spring Break. There are obvious exceptions to this – notably for those operators situated somewhere in or around the tropics – but for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this period isn’t a sure thing when it comes to putting the ledgers in …

lmaadminGetting Ready for the Winter Season
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Gin and Tonic – An Opportunity in its Subtleties

A dinner party, an afternoon in the sun, happy hour after work or just a night out; it’s time for a ‘G&T’, or a gin and tonic to be more precise. One might immediately think this cocktail as being a simple pour of gin (I’m particularly fond of Tanqueray No. 10) and sparkling tonic water on ice with a lime garnish. “Not so fast!” says Nader Chabaane (right), Mixology Director of the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. The complexities of each of the drink’s components: the gin, the tonic water and even the garnish provide an opportunity for endless variations. Such is the fact at the recently opened Bar 1608 which serves as the primary watering hole for this 611-room iconic Canadian property. Nader explains, “Gin is a very complex beverage that can be produced in many different ways. While typically all use juniper berries, many other botanicals …

Larry MogelonskyGin and Tonic – An Opportunity in its Subtleties

Where Have the Real Hotel Marketers Gone?

In my role as hotel industry consultant, marketer and blogger, I am often asked to provide advice to hoteliers and suppliers. One such call came in recently. The call’s nature provides a keen insight into the current state of hospitality marketing. The call was from an advertising agency that was tasked with the requirement of building a traditional media plan for this hotel chain. The amount was in the multimillions of dollars, not small change given the meager amounts spent these days. I was asked—pro bono, I might add—to see if I could give any recommendations. My first questions were simple. Who is the target customer for this advertising? What was the message the ads were going to convey? And what were the goals or metrics for the campaign? The response to my simple questions nearly floored me, and I quote: “(Chain name deleted) needs to demonstrate that they have …

Larry MogelonskyWhere Have the Real Hotel Marketers Gone?

How to Merge Face to Face With Technology

As Warren Buffet once said, “How will you ever see eye to eye if you’re never face to face?” Many would lead you to believe face-to-face communications are a thing of past. After all, we have email, cellphones, social networks, Skype and webcams; why bother with this archaic and time-consuming medium? Working closely with the hospitality sales master David M. Brudney, of David Brudney & Associates and the International Society of Hospitality Consultants, I can tell you that this belief is wrong. We live by relationships with support from technology, not relationships born from technology. Selling is not—and never will be—a faceless or silent pursuit. It seems all too easy to use technology as a crutch these days. And indeed, many digital channels offer the verisimilitude of genuine, in-person communications. But it is a semblance and never quite the real thing. At risk is a generation of near-robotic hospitality sales …

Larry MogelonskyHow to Merge Face to Face With Technology

Five Things Every Hospitality Salesperson Should Master

Perhaps one of the finest hospitality sales professionals I know is David Brudney. In a career that spans 35+ years, David has had the pleasure of assessing, training and/or mentoring hospitality sales associates from major hotel chains and independents throughout the U.S. and abroad. Reflecting on his experiences, I asked David to outline some of the critical fundamentals of successful hotel selling skills. Preparation Know your product and the competition, and learn as much about the prospect as possible. Don’t go to bat without a plan (e.g.: What is your goal? Secure an appointment, entertainment, site inspection, perhaps a tentative or definite booking?). David used a baseball metaphor to think about how you plan your sales call. A lot of fans think you just step up to the plate ready to bat. But good hitters have an exact plan coming to bat, such as bunting, moving a runner to second …

Larry MogelonskyFive Things Every Hospitality Salesperson Should Master

Distinguish brands to improve guest perception

An integral goal of branding is to establish a precedent with consumers so they know what to expect from your organization prior to a purchase decision. It can be dangerous to meddle with expectations because if you fail to deliver on those assumed promises, you risk alienating guests or turning them off permanently. Branding directly influences average daily rate. For instance, if you are perceived as an ultra-luxury provider, then you can command an ultra-luxury rate, but you better also deliver an ultra-luxury experience. Contrarily, if you are seen as an economy hotel, no consumer will give you the time of day if you are charging 4-star rates. The objective of proper branding is to educate customers on what your property or hotel chain will offer as the baseline of their experiences. From then on, it’s your duty to meet—then surpass—that threshold and never fall behind. This is something that …

Larry MogelonskyDistinguish brands to improve guest perception

Creating a Winning Group Promotion with Cvent

On Thursday, December 5th, I helped conduct a webinar hosted by Cvent discussing group promotion strategies for some 300 attendees from all walks of hotel life. As you might well know, Cvent is a web-based meetings and events management firm, allowing hospitality organizations to connect with prospective clients and planners via a seamless electronic RFP submission system. This, in addition to offering many other effective products, makes Cvent a definite leader in groups business. Hence, they brought some very insightful research to the table for this presentation. In this newsletter, I am proud to enclose the links to both the recorded video and the PDF slideshow of the webinar. I highly suggest that you review this material and reflect on its applications for your business. Think of it as homework for the holidays. And on that note, I would like to wish each and every one of you a happy …

Larry MogelonskyCreating a Winning Group Promotion with Cvent