Colby Watch: May 2011

It's been a while since we've heard from our friends over at StillPointe Sanctuary.  And now that it's May, it's time for a Colby update.

Colby has made it through the wet and cold winter in good shape.  Since he often refuses to go under cover during the nasty weather, he does look a bit scraggly and has a bit of moss on one side.  But underneath the wool, he's warm and dry.  He walks even more “sideways” than before because of his two minor strokes, but his mind is sharp.  He's eating well and takes no nonsense whatsoever from his fellow older geldings.  In fact, one guy, Starman, who tends to give everyone “grief” over food, has found that his bullying tactics earn him some huge spits from Colby.  It didn't take too long for Starman to decide to leave him alone!

Colby is looking forward to the warm weather that summer brings with a fresh haircut and clean-up.  Stay tuned for more Colby Watch and more pictures!

PRColby Watch: May 2011