Inn at a Glance Just Launched

LMA is pleased to give a sneak preview of its newest product: Inn at a Glance This management tool allows owners, general managers and team leaders access to most critical operating information on one single dashboard. Inn at a Glance can replace numerous different printed reports, reducing paperwork and improving inter-departmental awareness/communications. By providing a single portal to all operational areas, management can get a “birds-eye” view, identify areas for follow up and plan for the future.

• One single, secure access to both “hard” and “soft” data
• Easy-to-upload; no programming required
• Allows for multiple levels of access: master control and varying degrees of access
• Secure https site; protects data confidentiality
• Allows for 24 hour operations
• Links to key social media and additional sites such as Trip Advisor

For demo access, call us.

Larry MogelonskyInn at a Glance Just Launched