Is Your Website Multi-Language Compatible?

Did you know, using open source software, websites can be converted to over 30 languages? True, the conversion will not be perfect. Often, tonality and sentence structure is imperfect while colloquial expressions are usually misrepresented. So, for a critical bi-lingual, Canadian-based site, we would not recommend using an auto translation package such as the free one provided by Google.

However, there are situations where having a language option pays a courtesy to multi-lingual customers. Check out to see this system at work. The important credence here is that something is better than nothing. For example, in the hot Toronto real estate market, having the ability to present information in such languages as Italian, Farsi and Chinese pays respect to prospects and shows them that you are interested in supporting their real estate choices. Just make sure that your website coding is adaptive so that changing the language does not jumble your heading format and professional layout.

Jerry GrymekIs Your Website Multi-Language Compatible?