Live from New York: The Westminster Dog Show!

This past weekend was a lot of things for a great many people. But it was particularly special for those of us who happened to be in New York City.

Not only was it Valentine’s Day – a very romantic time to be in NYC – but there were two very important events. Playing on the title, Sunday night marked the 40th Anniversary Special for Saturday Night Live.

Best of all, though, was the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which takes place in mid-February every year at Madison Square Garden. And none other than LMA’s own Jerry Grymek was onsite for the whole event, once again reprising his role as the infamous Doggie Concierge.

Acting at the behest of New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania – which is right across the street from MSG and the foremost hotel for the event – he worked tirelessly to help canine guests and their owners with whatever requests they had. Jerry is no rookie to celebrity around this time of year and there are now many news articles trickling in to mark the work he has done as the Doggie Concierge. Check out this one from the Los Angeles Times.

Or, if you want to learn firsthand what it takes to be the Doggie Concierge, email Jerry and ask him yourself!

lmaadminLive from New York: The Westminster Dog Show!