LMA is 19!

We are very happy to be celebrating our 19th anniversary this year. The llama is now a ‘young adult’ and able to legally drive, vote and drink in Canada! If our llama were to head to university this year, he would go with confidence, maturity and the wisdom that comes with 19 years experience, gained by working through infancy to adulthood.

We have grown from a home office to an agency with upwards of twenty staff members, which allows us to offer a wealth of experience and originality to our clients. We have changed locations, logos, and evolved in our corporate strategy to now market ourselves with a confidently creative persona. We have diversified our client roster to include hospitality, travel, education and services.

Perhaps the greatest changes for us as we reach our 19th year are the range of services we are now able to offer to our clients, especially in terms of the Internet. When we began LMA, the Internet was also a child and so in a way, we have grown up together. Developing with the web in mind has allowed LMA to keep on top and always offer effective strategies.

Larry MogelonskyLMA is 19!