New Website Launch for Beefeaters

LMA has gone to the dogs! We are thrilled to announce the addition of the newly redesigned Beefeaters website to our online roster. Beefeaters is a leading manufacturer of dog treats, with a full line of dog-food treats, rawhide-treats and chews.  The new website is innovative and not only updates the online profile and branding position, but also provides a platform for additional online marketing, social integration and shopping.

From the start, LMA had three unique objectives. Firstly, to build brand awareness leading to purchase interest; secondly to build a site that provides interesting information about dogs/dog owners for all members of the family; and finally, to create a website that is unique and will ‘stand out from the crowd’.

Our tactical approach began by creating a new brand standard and color palette to differentiate the website by creating interest and ownership (based on competitive research). From here, we developed a website that provides both relevant information and humorous accompaniment to dog lovers that they will enjoy viewing and visiting repeated times. As well, incorporation of the Beefeaters’ large product-line was intrinsic to the site’s content, so that product information would be creatively introduced and disseminated. As most existing dog food/treat sites are more product-based in nature, the positioning of the proposed site is unique, as we more fully embrace the “healthy & fun” side of dog ownership, while still maintaining a focus on the brand and products.

LMA developed the concept of the “Beefeaters Bark-ery” which would “Bake up paw-some treats” and the site organically grew from there to include:

  • A fully content-managed website, built with ExpressionEngine and add-on's
  • A custom-developed Treat Matchmaker that suggests a treat based on your dog’s personality, as well as an archive of featured tricks to teach your dog, with a featured trick posted every month.
  • An online store and extensive products listing that allows visitors to discover new products and shop on e-commerce platform.
  • An online contest to draw visitors to the site, increase fan base and build a database of interested consumers. The contest involves two weekly prizes of a $50 gift card to for year one.
  • A blog with original and frequently updated content to draw repeat visitors and show the “healthy & fun” aspect of dog ownership.
  • A monthly e-newsletter to extend the brand, communicate with fans and create lasting interest.
  • Daily content updates and activity on social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube & Twitter) to encourage repeat visitors and increase the fan base and brand awareness.

Now that the site has been built, LMA will continue to work with Beefeaters to expand the core aspect of the proposed electronic marketing program by maintaining the website’s content: content builds viewership, enhances search engine optimization and ultimately builds brand value. Additional marketing programs will be designed to drive site traffic such as ads on relevant dog and pet-care websites, targeted Google Adwords, Newswire public relations releases, enhanced social media activities, a stylized e-newsletter and ongoing website contest and product sales promotions.

Check it our for yourself at

Jerry GrymekNew Website Launch for Beefeaters