Olympic Torch Relay Fever

We're not overly crazy for events such as the Olympics.  Perhaps there is just a little too much hype.  However, RBC's Olympic Torch Relay is one of the best sponsorship examples that we have seen:  professional and exceptionally well executed.  So when the Olympic Torch Relay went past our office yesterday, we could not help but stop work (it was after 5PM in any event) and go out to witness the processional.  What really amazed us was three things:  First, how kind the advance police presence was, how they asked everyone to move back, politely (even using the word please).  Second, how the crowd (and it was huge) responded spontaneously to the appearance of the Olympic Flame.  And finally, how people with disabilities are treated with total equality and respect, as seeing a torch-bearer in a wheelchair was not even considered unusual.  Full commendation to all.

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Larry MogelonskyOlympic Torch Relay Fever