Challenge For over 35 years, SuperDogs® has captured headlines across the globe as Canada’s most beloved feature attraction at international-level events. Touring constantly to major fairs and exhibitions in North America, the show consists of the family pets of over 150 experienced trainers. A new management team was looking to revitalize the brand to showcase the star quality and expand its consumer reach. Solution We rebranded the promotional materials and corporate identity with an enterprise level look and feel. The website was redesigned with more of a vibrant and colourful look to showcase the fun and excitement of the SuperDogs. Social media channels were redesigned and enhanced to incorporate the different channels. Corporate ID materials from business cards to letterhead were revised with the new look from the site. Once the online social presence and internal materials were updated, we revitalized the advertising materials to have more ‘bite’. Print advertisements show the ...

Windtower Lodge & Suites

BACKGROUND A 100-room property, unaffiliated, wants to grow its business. CHALLENGE No staff available at the property: everything must be out-sourced. SOLUTION LMA manages the property’s total marketing, including promotional development, web site, electronic marketing and sales. RESULTS The property has continued to exceed forecasts.
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