BACKGROUND This dog treat manufacturer had operated for years with an old web site and no e-commerce. CHALLENGE Create a presence for the product line in the internet space. SOLUTION LMA built a web site with full ecommerce capabilities. The site was supported with consistent content updates and social media. Further support comprised Facebook and Google advertising. RESULTS Beefeaters web sales volume has grown steadily and is now in excess of $250,000 annually.

The Hazelton Hotel

BACKGROUND  This 77-room luxury property faces stiff competition from significant growth within the segment: Trump, Ritz, Shangri-La, and a new Four Seasons have all recently been added to the city’s inventory. CHALLENGE Hold customer-base in the face of new competitors. SOLUTION Focus on loyalty and reinforcing the unique elements of the product: art. A new web site, linked to a strong social media platform, re-positioned the Hazelton as the ultimate Toronto destination. RESULTS Maintaining market share and exceeding ADR targets within a competitive market.
lmaadminThe Hazelton Hotel

Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort & Spa

BACKGROUND This 220-room resort is the newest property on the Southern California coast. We launched it in mid 2012. The property also includes a standalone spa and restaurant. CHALLENGE Bring occupancies on stream quickly. Manage start up, responding to guest insights. SOLUTION Our launch campaign comprised web (separate sites for the property, spa and restaurant), electronic and traditional advertising components. Separate focus on wedding and group segments supplemented core activities. RESULTS The property has exceeded all launch forecasts.
lmaadminHilton Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort & Spa

Hotel Pennsylvania

BACKGROUND Built in 1919, this 1,700-room property had budgeted for room renovation on only two of eighteen floors. CHALLENGE Build occupancy. SOLUTION LMA has partnered with the property since 1998. In this period, we have moved from traditional to electronic advertising; used public relations and social media; produced collaterals and design components.  We registered the selling line, ‘The World’s Most Popular Hotel’ recognizing the scope of the property. RESULTS The hotel has perennially achieved 90% + occupancy levels. The web site achieves 250,000 unique visitors monthly, delivering in excess of $1.5 million in reservations.
lmaadminHotel Pennsylvania

Legacy Pork

BACKGROUND A pork producer in Ontario wanted to draw attention to their product line, thereby building a stronger reputation with their retailers. CHALLENGE Generate interest through the Internet, with no budget for advertising, SOLUTION A new web presence was created, and loaded with hundreds of recipes. The site was supported with contests and social media. RESULTS Products were so strong that they were picked up in retailers’ private label programs.
lmaadminLegacy Pork