MEDIA PLANNING is an integral part of a successful strategy.

Whether it’s an Internet cost-per-click campaign, radio or television spot, a billboard or an ad in a national magazine. We’ll develop a strategic, cost-effective plan that will connect with your target audience in all the right places.

ADVERTISING is like a complexity theory – it looks easy from the outside, but is complicated on the inside.

It’s not just what you are saying, but who you are saying it to, how you are saying it and where you are saying it. We understand this and help determine the right creative solution that speaks to your target audience in terms that are familiar to them and via a media that is relevant.

PROMOTIONS can encourage trial (or re-trial), generate volume purchases (loading), or increase purchase continuity.

Enticing potential users to take notice of your brand through a give-away or redemption promotion can be the catalyst for conversion. Promotions can also be a invaluable source for gaining insight into consumers. We love coming up with creative ways to draw positive attention to your brand, turning passive observers into engaged users.

COPYWRITING makes the difference between a good solution and a great solution.

At LMA we employ talented writers, from a variety of social backgrounds and specialties. This gives you the access to the right writer, with insight into your industry and your target audience. Whether it’s a sticky headline for a national ad campaign, annual report details, or just content for a blog on your brand’s behalf, we have a writer that will meet your needs and exceed expectations.

DESIGN DIRECTION at LMA is motivated by providing users with unique and memorable experiences.

Our work includes: Conceptual Development, Template Design, Style Guide Development, Illustration, Animation, Typeface Development, and more. Our designers collaborate intensely with our developers and researchers, always looking for new and effective ways to deliver the end user with a positive interaction with your brand.

BRANDING & IDENTITY SYSTEMS are the primary way consumers interact with a brand and the best opportunity to make a powerful first impression.

A brand that transcends media, communicating values, philosophies and social relevancy is a brand that consumers will remember. We create identity systems that will marry with the culture and personality of the brand naturally, designed to engage the audience and leave them with a positive and memorable experience.

MARKET RESEARCH requires you to look beyond just your competitive market for solutions that work.

At LMA we pride ourselves on defying convention to find the right strategy and tactics to get positive results. Through our thorough research, we often discover unmet consumer needs and opportunities that help to strengthen our client’s position in their respective market. Understanding the market facilitates the long-term planning that results in long-term success.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS is the best way to understand what your competition is doing and their position in the current marketplace.

This includes: What they are doing right and what can we learn from them; what differentiates you from them and how your target audience interacts with competitor’s brands. LMA’s work in defining the competitive landscape is the catalyst that turns raw information into measurable results and on-going success for our clients.

STRATEGIC PLANNING is the cornerstone to garner the highest level of success, with the largest return on your investment.

By understanding the objectives, landmarks and by establishing a clearly defined path, your ability to achieve these goals increases exponentially. Our team can help you build a road map and ensure you stay on track throughout the process, delivering results that are measurable.