Profiling the Modern Chinese Traveler

Let’s face it: China is a big deal, both in terms of geopolitics and outbound travel. The former is beyond our scope, but the latter will come to influence the way nearly every hotel operates in the coming years. As the country undergoes a monumental ecommerce and consumer revolution, a new middle class is emerging, rife with excess cash of which a sizeable portion will surely be spent on travel. I’m not going to indoctrinate you with statistics that prove how fast Chinese outbound tourism is growing. Rather, our focus should be on strategies to capture this market’s attention. As part of an ongoing series of discussions, I’ve recruited Ernie Diaz, partner and marketing executive at Web Presence in China, who’s on the ground in Beijing. The objective of our latest talk was to formulate a series of four profiles for the typical outbound travelers from China, touching on their interests, …

Larry MogelonskyProfiling the Modern Chinese Traveler