SOCIAL MEDIA sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are part of the large and ever-growing world of the mobile web.

User-generated content is filling the Internet with a plethora of information, that when handled properly can be passed on through social networks, essentially creating an Internet word-of-mouth campaign for you. Our understanding of the many nuances required to increase Internet chatter will encourage trial and maintain brand loyalty.

CMS (Content Management Systems) give you the ability to maintain your own content rich website, through a customized administrative back-end.

By identifying your organization’s unique needs, we’ll tailor you the proper CMS that’s built for you. Knowing that our clients don’t have time to learn complex systems, we take extra steps to ensure our sites are easy to manage and maintain, factoring in flexibility, scalability and stability.

INTERFACE DESIGN directly affects the user’s engagement in your website.

A solution that is designed to create a rich and intuitive experience, improves communication and increases trial. Our websites are designed with accessibility and ease of navigation as a top priority. We think beyond just the aesthetic, factoring user interaction with the site and how to effectively lead them to the right information to complete the transaction.

WEB ANALYTICS are an invaluable tool to define, measure and track effectiveness of campaigns promotions and user loyalty.

All of our websites, include comprehensive analytics to get the greatest return on Internet. We employ all of the latest analytic and web management tools.

USABILITY TESTING is the best way to deliver web solutions that work across all modern browsers and look great on common screen sizes.

We collect feedback from a variety of different user types to ensure accessibility and optimum experience. Before launching any site, we thoroughly load test each and every component to make sure it’s stable.

SEO (Search Engine Marketing) is a great way to increase your visibility on relevant search engine results.

We use organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and paid search Cost per Click (CPC) advertising, meta tags keywords and inbound marketing techniques to significantly increase traffic, designed to put you at the top of the list.

HOSTING is where the web experience starts!

The proper host server, properly managed, forms the underlying backbone to all web development. We employ a stand alone VPN (virtual private network) at Texas-based Rackspace, ranked among the best in the country. In addition, our full-time webmaster provides an additional level of support.

EMAIL & CRM are powerful ways to keep in touch with your customers.

With our powerful email marketing software, we’ll provide you with analytics for each campaign and a very robust way to manage all your subscribers. One of the great features we offer is the ability to integrate our email software (MailChimp or Campaign Monitor) directly with your website.

MOBILE platforms let you to update your website content through an interface on an Android device or iPhone.

We have content management systems with a mobile technology management interface, empowering you to be in control of your site at all times in all places.

INN AT A GLANCE is a web-based resource engineered specifically for hoteliers.

This dashboard software improves customer service through more efficient departmental communication and by providing the most current information on its systems. Inn at a Glance has a multi-property feature for managers to keep track of daily operations for several properties at the same time. Whether you are sick, working the night shift or miss the morning meeting, Inn at a Glance ensures that you are always up-to-date with important property happenings. Ask us for details