You just posted the new web site. Why am I not listed on Google?

Yes, we get questions like that! Here is a detailed response, this thanks to my SEO Team:

1) Organic SEO Has Two Legs: A real and proper *organic* SEO campaign requires much more than Meta tags. In fact, Meta Tags are largely irrelevant these days. SEO has 2 main legs: One: On-site SEO and Two: Off-site SEO. There are literally hundreds of tweaks we can do on any given site, but this requires an entire SEO proposal in itself because of its very time consuming nature. The more important part of SEO is off-site optimization. That is, other sites linking to you and you linking to other sites. This requires a web business development plan.

2) Organic Optimization Can Take Up to 1 Year: Assuming that the site is fully optimized both on-site and off-site, appearing on the first page of Google can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks, but can very typically take from 6 months to 1 year. This is the nature of Google and its simply how long it takes for indexing to take place. The more off-site SEO that our clients do, the faster results they usually see, but this also depends on how competitive the keywords are. Off-site optimization is separate from web design.

3) Content Is King: You cannot 'trick' Google. Google ranks all sites based on their RELEVANCY. Good content has the proper balance of keyword density and overall length. We have entered the content we have been provided. There is an entire science to writing proper SEO content. This is generally not part of a site development, unless specified and quoted separately.

4) No Guarantees in SEO: Since most sites are built in a very competitive online market, standard on-site seo and meta tags will not have a dramatic impact. Though we do all we can to increase the likelihood of a decent ranking, the results are always subject to Google's very unique and highly protected algorithm.

5) Ongoing Commitment: it is one thing to get to the top of Google. Staying up there is another. This requires ongoing attention and ongoing costs. SEO is not a fixed cost.

6) Multiple Necessary Aspects: A good SEO mix includes many many variables and requires that various things are in place. Here are some of them:
– A Content Management System (CMS) in place for Dynamic site titles and the ability to add fresh content all the time. Google highly favors sites that are constantly being updated with new keyword rich content.
– A properly planned AdWords campaign.
– Google Local Business setup
– Professionally written content with proper keyword density

Of course, we're always here to discuss this!

Larry MogelonskyYou just posted the new web site. Why am I not listed on Google?