An Update on our Lovable Llama Colby

We recently received an update from StillPointe Sanctuary in Silverdale, WA, where our adopted llama Colby lives. We were happy to hear that our lovable llama is doing so well at StillPointe.

Colby and his buddies are enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunshine this spring. His coat is getting fluffy and soon the staff at StillPointe will be able brush out all of that winter hair and he'll be one handsome devil!

Colby will be going to the Kitsap County Fair this year as an ambassador for StillPointe Sanctuary, and he may also get to participate in some 4-H activities at Camp Panhandle this summer. He is such a friendly and gentle guy that nobody can resist falling in love with him.

PRAn Update on our Lovable Llama Colby