CES 2011 – A Sense of the Action

With a show so large and overpowering, what do you remember one week later? Trudging through miles of booths for two days, here are some of the highlights.

  1. Tablet Computers. The latest object of desire.  Two units are about to enter the market and dual with the Apple iPad: the Motorola Xoom and the RIM Playbook. No samples to take home, sorry!
  2. HD 3D LCD Television. Here is a Samsung unit in a 75″ variation. Last year 3D televisions were the latest sensation. This year, every manufacturer seemed to offer several options.  Sizes are large and even larger.  Remember when a 42″ Plasma TV was considered a breakthrough item?
  3. Massive Entertainment. Where else can you see Lady Gaga and Cirque de Soleil for free within a 100 feet of each other at the same time? Only at CES Las Vegas.
  4. Other Neat Items. How about a multi-sized projector that displays in 3D? No need to have the real item anymore. Perfect for jewellery stores that have theft worries. At CES, just one of many items in the smaller booths.

Larry MogelonskyCES 2011 – A Sense of the Action