Grenada a Centerpiece in More Magazine

This month’s More Magazine celebrated the island of Grenada with a 9-page spread written personally by the editor-in-chief Linda Lewis. Her voyage started off in Carriacou – an island devoid of cruise ships with hilltops dotted with pastel-colored houses.

Due to the lack of direct commercial influence, Grenada reminded her of a nostalgic era of the Caribbean where fish go from the ocean to your dinner plate in no more than a couple hours. The two foremost thoughts when North American think of Grenada are the American invasion 27 years ago and Hurricane Ivan. First, Grenada has been a democracy ever since the 80s landing. Second, Ivan devastated the agricultural industry, leaving tourism to compensate – yet, as she states, visiting in the high season with a few other travelers in sight. What is far more overwhelming than the lack of tourists is that Grenada is home to 75 different types of mangoes, and that monkeys in the Grand Etang Rainforest will eat them right out of your hand!

It was these sorts of remarks in her prose that invigorated the article. The island’s charm sneaks up on you in surprising and breathtaking ways. Grenada is indeed a place “where the relaxed and unexpected go hand in hand” and worthy of anyone’s travel plans.

PRGrenada a Centerpiece in More Magazine