Meet Our Llama Gent!

We've just received some new information from StillPointe about our llama Gent.  Here's what Gent has to say:

“Hi, I'm Gent.  I come from a farm where my human Mom was a wonderful fiber artist. She had sheep and usually five or six llamas so she could use all of our nice fibers for her art.

“All of the llamas were girls until I was born. Then it was me and the all the girls…until a little guy was born to one of my aunties. About a year after he was born my human Mom died very suddenly. We were pretty upset and really felt lost, since the guy my human Mom was married to didn't want us and tried to get lots of money from us. Finally he was convinced that there really wasn't a 'market' for llamas anymore and the best thing to do was to let us go to a sanctuary. My human Mom was friends with the people at StillPointe, so that was the obvious choice. I came to live here with my mom and three aunties. The other little guy became a 4H llama.

“We are all very happy that we're here. The StillPointe people used to come to our farm and trim our toenails, give us shots and trim our wool, so it's just like being at home again!

“I'm glad to be one of the llamas eligible for Sponsorship and the Adopt-A-Llama Program. Thank you so much for sponsoring me and helping make it possible for me to live a long and happy life with my relatives and people who take good care of us! I hope you'll come visit me one day!

PRMeet Our Llama Gent!