One of Our Team in Nuit Blanche

One of our team members, Sam Mogelonsky, participated in Nuit Blanche this past weekend. For those unfamiliar, Nuit Blanche in Toronto is one night in the year when thousands of pieces of art are on display throughout the downtown core from dusk until dawn. All events are open to the public and the streets are filled with hundreds of thousands of people wondering about the city all night long.

Entitled Night Roses, Sam’s event at the Gladstone Hotel was an interactive tactile performance. With over 300 pounds of clay ready to go, guests were invited to mold their own clay roses and place them about the room. Sam started making roses and guiding others at 7 pm on Saturday evening, and she did not stop until 5 am the next morning. The entire event was documented on video camera. In those ten hours, hundreds of clay roses were assembled to complete the exhibition. We are proud of Sam’s hard work and dedication to the arts. We eagerly await her next show!

PROne of Our Team in Nuit Blanche