Volunteer or Paid for Service?

Interesting situation. I am on many not for profit committees, volunteering my time to support a worthy cause. My time, of course, is committed for free, with no strings attached. In one situation, one volunteer wishes to extend the mandate to take on additional work. This work is of value to the committee, and it is clearly recognized that no one on the committee has the skills or the time to undertake this work.
Thus, this one volunteer would now continue as a “volunteer” with the additional work as a “paid contractor.” The rate for the paid work is recognized as being very fair value, below market rate in fact. And, the insider knowledge the individual has would make the work significantly easier for everyone on the committee.
So, the options are as follows: accept the offer of “paid” service from the volunteer, or hire external services at a higher rate knowing full well that the volunteer would probably quit the committee.
What would you do?

Larry MogelonskyVolunteer or Paid for Service?