Canadian Living: Five Reasons to Visit Grenada

Web Editor Daniela Payne recently visited Grenada on behalf of, a well-known website focused on health, food and family. Daniela highlights five ever-convincing reasons to tour the tropical island.

  1. Food: One part Caribbean, another Creole, and all infused with locally-grown vegetables, fruit, fish and spices.
  2. Beautiful Beaches: Take your pick from 45 white-sand and nine black-sand beaches – all of them secluded, never crowded and open to all.
  3. Local Rum: Grenada hosts the oldest functioning rum distillery in the Western Hemisphere and every tour includes free samples. Be warned – this rum is potent!
  4. Adventure: Tour the rainforest or snorkel amongst coral reefs – every part of Grenada has something exciting to offer.
  5. Spice: Nearly every mainstay spice is produced in Grenada, but their specialty is nutmeg, which is often present at every meal of the day and is even featured on their flag. Grenada is the world’s second largest producer of nutmeg after all.

PRCanadian Living: Five Reasons to Visit Grenada