Is the Customer Always Right?

A conundrum to be sure! Given thirty years in the business, you would think the answer is obvious. Alas, it is not. One might argue that, after all, it is the client’s business, and the client’s money. So, if the client is wrong, but they want it that way, should you just give it to them? It is not a simple answer. Here are three distinct areas where you should not follow client wishes:
  1. When issues of a legal nature arise. Simply put, never, repeat never, succumb to a request that breaks the laws of this country, or the country of your client’s operation. This includes use of photos with questionable pedigreed.
  2. When issues that jeopardize confidentiality of information arise. As an example, we have been asked to host web sites that we build on sub-standard platforms, that potentially put customer data at risk. In such cases, it is prudent to alert CEO’s or even a Board of Directors.
  3. When issues of libel or slander arise. Products and/or services should be sold on their own positive merit. We are not in the business of knocking others, rather, we are in the business of making our clients look good…let the consumer decide based upon the facts.
  4. When issues of public safety arise. A no brainer! Never undertake any activity that jeopardizes the end user of a service or product. This includes the intentional failure of omission (such as neglecting to mention safety issues…inclusion of peanuts, suitability for children, etc,)
Can you think of other areas where you should reject client wishes outright?

Larry MogelonskyIs the Customer Always Right?