Is Wine for Now or the Future?

Last week, we attended a port tasting. We were celebrating the life of a good friend with several outstanding vintages from his wine cellar. Unfortunately, he had passed away before having the pleasure of enjoying the finest of his treasures. The highlight of the evening was the 1960 Taylor’s Vintage (pictured), which kept its sprightly flavors despite its age. There were also several other ports of 20, 30 and 40 year old vintages, although none held the notoriety of the half-century-old chef-d’oeuvre.

The event got me thinking. How long do you put your fine wines away to wait for that right occasion?  And all the while, you risk waiting too long and that special day does not include you!

Some conclusions:

  1. There is no time like the present to celebrate. Despite our economy, market volatility and crazy business situations, there is always cause to enjoy an evening with friends and family.
  2. If you always drink the finest libations in your cellar, think about it for a moment. The next time you go to the cellar, you will be drinking the best wine available. Each bottle you consume promotes the remaining inventory in your collection.
  3. Wait too long, and someone else might be imbibing on your best bottles. It’s not that you would begrudge their consumption of these spirits. Wouldn’t it be better to enjoy drinking such wines with them, rather than having them toasting you?

Larry MogelonskyIs Wine for Now or the Future?