It’s in the Bag for LMA

Since 1983, Creative Bag has been supplying unique custom packaging to retailers, advertisers and marketers. LMA is proud to launch the new, redesigned website for Creative Bag, at www.creativebag.com.

Creative Bag now houses a fully rebranded e-commerce and inventory system with customizable sales, accessible directly from the home page. The site has all the same business options as before for full case, or bulk unit purchases, but has been enhanced by a new instant previewing ability.

Another unique quality is Creative Bag’s open case shopping platform, which allows retail consumers to buy individual, customized bags. The website offers a tiered pricing structure integrated for all full case and open case orders. This optimized user experience gives complete flexibility over how you order your products – something you will not find on any other site.

This launch represents a huge milestone for LMA and Creative Bag. The e-commerce technology is shaped around a smooth, consistent main navigation for all product types and an ongoing sales banner rotator. The fresh layout also has full social media integration, so stay tuned for updates on Twitter, Facebook and Creative Bag’s blog.

Jerry GrymekIt’s in the Bag for LMA