More Proof that Free WiFi is the Way to Go

Larry has talked extensively about how free WiFi in hotel rooms is a necessity these days.  Wireless internet lets travelers work from anywhere – like the comfort of their own bed – instead of being deskbound.  As well, tablets, which are rapidly growing in popularity, run exclusively off WiFi (or 3G).  For a more convincing take, see Larry's previous article here and his followup argument here

As for now, eHotelier.com has published another article today on the issue, specifically about how 4-star hotels offering free WiFi to guests are outperforming 5-star hotels that do not offer this.  It's a localized case study that reveals the true importance of having free wireless services in all your rooms.  To read the article, go here.

Larry MogelonskyMore Proof that Free WiFi is the Way to Go